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nk setting a goal, getting a visual image of what it is you want. You've got to see what it is you want to achieve before you can pursue it' Chuck Norris
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Alberto Borjas - Martial Arts & Fitness Personal Instructor


I have been training in the Martial Arts since 1973 and I currently hold the rank of a 6th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor in Tae Kwon Do (World Tae Kwon Do Federation).  I received my first black belt in 1978 in Joshin Mon Shorin Ryu Karate-Do.  I received a purple belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu from Professor Pedro Valente in 2009.  I have trained in several other Martial Arts including Judo, Krav Maga, Tai Chi, and Chin Na.  For the last decade I've been training and researching the practical application of the Martial Arts for Street Self Defense.  In addition I've incorporated defensive folding knife and firearms to my training.

Experience: 35+ Years in the Martial Arts.

  • Martial arts and fitness instructor since 1980  
  • Taekwondo Cuban National Team Coach 1988 - 1993. Trained many international champions including Juan V Matos, Olympic Champion in Sydney 2000 
  • Professor Higher Institute of Physical Education - Havana, Cuba 1994-1996
  • Chuck Norris KickStart Foundation - Karate Instructor 1999-2009
  • Nexus Taekwondo Alliance/LifeTime Fitness - Instructor 2009 to Present
  • I have taught seminars in several countries including:  Russia, Mexico, Paraguay, Canada, and Cuba

    Other Credentials and Awards :

    • Bachelor Degree in Physical Education
    • International Referee World Taekwondo Federation
    • Award of Recognition from the Russian Taekwondo Federation
    • Award of Recognition from the Mexican Taekwondo Federation
    • Award for Excellence in Teaching - Burbank Middle School HISD 

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